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Your Thoughts and You

Last we talked about Who are you?
Now let's move a step forward in discovering your self,
And the Powers that lie within you.
Have you ever realized that whatever you are at the
present moment is a direct result of all that you have
ever thought - And you can be whatever you want to be
by changing your thoughts.

Your Thoughts are your Seeds

The sooner you discover this truth the better it will be.
Your thoughts are your seeds that begin the process of
your journey on Earth. For example, if you think you will
lose, you have already lost. If you want to win but think
you cannot, you certainly will not. The outcome of whatever
you want lies in your thoughts - in your seeds.

Your Mind is your Garden

This is a fact. Your Mind is your Garden and you are your
very own Gardener. You definitely have the choice and all
the time in the Universe to sow the seeds according to
whatever you need. If you want Roses, Sunflower, or a
Thorny Bush, it is your choice that matters. Roses represent
beauty and peace, while Sunflower is vibrant energy leading
to success and prosperity, whereas a Thorny Bush represents
obstacles, pain and misery.

So Who are you?

Are you not a Creator of your destiny and dreams. If you realize that your thoughts are your seeds -
Whatever you sow is what you will reap. If you realize your Mind is your Garden, and you have the power to
sow any kind of seeds. Then what are you going to do? You were indeed created in the Creator's image
and all the powers of Creation lie within you. So move forward and discover your self and the powers that
you have. The battles of life, love and success are not won by any stronger or faster person, the winner in
the end is always the one who has sown the appropriate seeds.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher     
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