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What is Trust        

The word Trust is an amazing word. Just the mention of it evokes two completely different emotions in our hearts and
minds. One emotion is related to confidence and faith, while the other relates to lack of confidence and lack of faith.

I Trust You

A phrase so often used by so many of us. I Trust you – Some relate this to the Creator, which gives them confidence and
faith. While, some relate it to their parents, spouse, children, relatives or friends, and this often gives them confidence
and faith too. But what happens when that confidence and faith breaks? Where the Creator is concerned, when your
prayers go unanswered or you find your life surrounded by problem after problem. And where your parents, spouse,
children, relatives or friends are concerned, when they do not live or give according to your expectations, or you feel you
been stabbed in the back, then what happens?

I Do Not Trust You

This is what happens. Your confidence and faith gets shattered and now you say – I Do Not Trust You. And this is quite
natural as it is part of Nature. Life on planet Earth is bound by the law of opposites. After day comes night, success after
failure, I do not Trust you after I Trust you. Life on planet Earth is also bound by the law of Sow and Reap – whatever you
will sow is what you will reap.

Sow the seeds of I Trust You

To get the desired fruit you simply need to sow the appropriate seeds. If you wish to sow the seeds of ‘I Trust You’, first
lay your hands on to the right seeds. When you say ‘I Trust You’, the seed is ‘YOU’. But, who is that ‘YOU’? It is neither
the Creator, nor your parents, spouse, children, relatives or friends. It is just YOU, YOU, and YOU. And all you need to do
is to sow the seeds of trusting that ‘YOU’.

Others can let you down

That is a harsh fact – only others can let you down. But, will you let yourself down? Nobody wants to, but everyone does
when they place their Trust in someone else. You can change that scenario today by sowing the seeds of Trusting
yourself. Haven’t you read or heard that you were created in the Creator’s image? Begin to Trust these words, have Trust
that all the powers of the Creator are within you. Place the seed of Trust in the soil of confidence and add faith as a
supernatural chemical for amazing growth and abundance. And never forget the biggest fact, that to Trust someone you
have to know that person intimately as nobody ever Trusts a stranger. So begin the process of knowing yourself. After all,
the greatest knowledge of the Universe – the knowledge of who you are – simply lies deep within you. And you can Trust
me for that - But please don’t. Simply Trust yourself from this moment onwards. And when the harvest time arrives, you
will reap an abundance of Trust, and then all will Trust you and you will Trust all.

Gurdip Hari
Mind & Natural Health Teacher