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According to this law,
When you give a little, you get back a little bit more.
When you give a little bit more, you get back a lot more.
And when you give a lot more,
The returns sometimes are ten-folds.
So Giving is the key,
Love, Honesty and Dedication are the chains.
And once you are filled with these kind of emotions,
There will be no more setbacks in life, Only Promotions.
So why not give Love, why not give Honesty and Dedication,
To all those who are around us.
Why not cross the borders of Religion and Dogmatism,
And enter the world of God.
The Law of Reciprocation begins from Him,
The way He gives us without asking, why not give it back to Him.
And we can do that By giving a little, a little bit more, a lot more,
Love, Honesty, Dedication to each other.
Brother to brother, sister to sister, husband to wife,
And never to forget, our Father and Mother.
If we allow the Law of Reciprocation to work for us,
Then who can be against us?

But it all begins from you,
To give something to someone you have to give yourself first,
To love someone you have to love yourself first.
And loving yourself simply means,
Taking care of your Mind, Body and Soul.
You may have often heard – Health is our biggest Wealth,
And this is a major fact.
Ask yourself, Can any amount of wealth replace good health.
Can it ease the pain of sickness and disease.
If the answer is no,
Then what is the most important goal you should pursue.
Can there be a greater goal than taking care of your health.
Think about it??

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher  
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