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New Year's Resolution

Just Focus on your self
Yes, this is the most vital key to unlock the doors of success and
happiness. Forget about others, forget what they are doing, forget
what they should be doing. Rather, concentrate on your self, see
what you are doing, see what you should be doing.

Don't Focus on the Past
Yes, do not make the mistake of focussing on the past.
Yesterday is gone, never to return, and so are the problems of
yesterday. Focus on what is going on now, today, in your life.
See what you want and sow the seeds according to those needs.
You want respect, sow respect by respecting others.
You want love, sow love by loving others unconditionally.
You want success, sow success by helping others to succeed.
It is the most important law of Nature - You have to first give
the seed to the earth, before the earth gives the fruit to you.

Learn to live like a Spider
Life is a endless journey. The secret of life is to live, enjoy and
savor every moment of that journey, without keeping the
destination in mind. Learn to live like a spider who, firstly never
gives up until the web is made, and when the wind destroys it,
he simply continues to make it again and again.

Focus on what you want today. Not, what you did not get
yesterday. Help, love and respect others as that leads to success
in every way. Start sowing these seeds today, and enjoy the
wonderful and amazing fruits tomorrow.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher
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