Light of Hope

Light of Hope is the first book of Gurdip Hari, and is a collection of inspirational
articles and poetry designed to help people live a meaningful, happier and
healthier life. The message outlined is the universal truth expressed by Jesus,
Muhammad and Buddha before, of one Religion, one God. The articles,
Humanity as a Religion and The Five Spiritual Laws (Dharma, Knowledge,
Karma, Love and Truth), contrasted with poetry depicting The Five Ills of
Mankind (Desire, Anger, Attachment, Greed and Ego), offer a comprehensive
guide toward a more fulfilling life by aligning oneself with the natural laws of the
universe in one’s outlook and daily interaction with others. The Health Corner
provides an overview of natural health with an easy to practice Amazing Water
Therapy, to get on the road of good health.
Light of Hope (Paperback) 142 pages ISBN 0-9766186-1-3
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About the Author

In 2001 at age forty-five, Gurdip Hari semi-retired from business to carry on the humanitarian work of his
father, Mr. Sukhdev Hari (1928-2000). Although inexperienced, he was divinely guided to write inspirational
poetry and articles, which he began to email to an ever-increasing list. In 2002, he decided to share the inflow
of spiritual knowledge coming his way with the entire world  through his website,, and
he continues that work with regular postings of new articles to the site.
He never dreamed of being a poet, author or a healer, but now he finds his time occupied with writing to
promote love, happiness and good health, and to discover the invisible powers God has gifted humanity with
to heal, cleanse and unite our world. As he rightly says, “ We are here for a purpose, to accomplish the
mission assigned to us by our Father in Heaven, and each of us has to do that in our own individual and
unique ways by leading a purpose-driven life and making optimum use of our God given talents."
He is also an Inspirational speaker and Reiki Teacher, and it is his dream to build 'Creative Schools' in Africa.
He is available in USA/Canada
/India/Ghana as a guest for speaking engagements, Radio and TV talk-
1-562-261-4308, Email:
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