Lesson Number Two

n Lesson Number One, I highlighted the Number One problem Mankind is facing today, and that is ‘Rushing’, and
how to tackle that by slowing down, and enjoying every single meal that you have. I do hope that you have been
enjoying your meals like never before. If not, it is never too late - the day you begin that will be your day of joy and
liberation from bondage to ‘Rushing’. Remember, it is all too simple – just start counting the number of bites that you
take, and everything else will fall into place.

Now in Lesson Number Two, I will highlight the Number Two problem that is affecting the lives of almost everyone.
And that problem is ‘Toxicity’. Yes, it is true; there are ‘Toxins’ every-where your eyes can see. They are around you
and they are inside you. They are in the air that you breathe, in the foods that you eat, and in the modern drugs and
medications that you might be taking.

And what would that make you – ‘A Live  Toxic Reactor’, continuously taking in the raw materials every day and
actively producing ‘Toxicity’ through your thoughts, through the work that you do, and through your interactions with
family, friends, and associates. Can you even imagine the damage that you may be doing, of-course unknowingly, to
your self and to the world around you.

We all live in a Toxic World; this is our world, it is real not artificial, as we have made it ourselves. And you can see
the acute levels of ‘Toxicity’ in every segment of our society. You can see it in the cut-throat business competition, in
failed marriages and failed relationships, in government corruption, and in the modern medical system of healing.
The truth is considered bitter as it is nothing but the truth, and the bitter truth is that we have sown the seeds of
‘Toxicity’, and this is our harvest.

A long long time ago this very World was very different, it wasn’t ‘Toxic’ as it is today, and we were not ‘Toxic
Reactors’, as we are today. The air was clean and pure, the foods were free from poisonous pesticides, dangerous
growth hormones, chemicals and antibiotics, and most of these ‘Toxic’ problems did not exist.

Whatever we take in, that’s what we become. For example, the intake of knowledge will eventually turn you wiser. And
likewise, the intake of ‘Toxins’ will eventually turn you into – ‘A Toxic Reactor’. Now, what can be done to reverse this
process?  Many people are fast realizing the importance of Organic foods, and those who can are making the switch.
Likewise, those who have realized the dangerous affects of the modern drugs and medications on the human body
are gradually turning to a healthy life-style and natural cures. But, the majority continue the daily intake of ‘Toxins’, as
they simply do not know.

And I have a simple formula for one and for all – A formula simpler than the world simple - A formula that is
completely ‘Free’, and a formula that will clear the ‘Toxins’ from your body on a day to day basis. Much too often, the
solution to our problems is very simple, but we completely miss it, just because it is so very simple. If I tell you that the
formula to become successful in every area of your life is so very simple, you will not even believe me, as you may
have tried so hard to be successful, but failed time and time again. People often relate success in business or work
to hard and long hours of work. But then look at the life of Bill Gates, one of the richest in the world; his success
seems so very magical. For many years he patiently sowed the seeds of magical technology, and today he is reaping
the magical harvest. And for years he has been sowing the seeds of giving, in fact he is one of the biggest givers of
modern times. The huge amounts of money that he donates to uplift the lives of under-privileged children and to help
eradicate Polio from planet Earth are really praise-worthy. Only when you give can you receive, and he is definitely
receiving peace, love and joy in return for all that he is doing for Mankind. What better priceless returns can anyone
hope to receive?     

So are you ready to hear about this Magical formula that you can give to your Body, and which will clear the majority
of ‘Toxicity’ every single day?  I call it – ‘The Toxin clearing Formula’, and it comes in two versions, and you can pick
the one that suits you.

Version 1: If you have enough time in the morning and your work place is not too far, drink 1.5 litres water the
moment you wake up on an empty stomach. There-after, do not eat or drink anything else for one hour.

Version 2: Drink 500ml of water the moment you wake up, and then repeat that every four hours, four times a day.
For example, if you drink the first 500ml at 7am, the second should be at 11am, the third at 3pm, and the fourth at
7pm. Do not eat or drink anything else for one hour after each intake of 500ml.

Also do not drink any liquids, not even water, with your meals. The reason being, the moment you eat, the body
releases certain juices to help in digestion. If you drink any liquids, those juices become diluted, and then the body
has to work harder and longer to digest the food.          

Sounds too simple? But please don’t go by the simplicity.
Just try it out, and you will begin to see vast changes within yourself in a very short period of time. Those who know
this magical toxin clearing formula, and are using it, know how very useful it is in being healthy and free from sickness
and disease. Would you like to join those limited few who know the great ‘Secret’ behind success, well-being and
prosperity? Then simply move forward and pick your bottle of water and start drinking. Become a giver and give
Water to your Body to cleanse the ‘Toxins’ away on a day to day basis, and be ready to receive Good Health in
return and become the Wealthiest person on Earth. After all, Health is indeed our biggest Wealth, and the truth is, no
amount of Wealth can ever buy you Good Health.

Cheers to water, water and water.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher
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