Lesson Number One

Do you know a very important truth about yourself? Whatever you do on a daily basis is all habitual. It is plain habits
that run your day to day life. The way you think, the way you handle situations, and the way you react in times of
trouble or happiness is all habitual and more or less similar most of the time. Observe yourself carefully, and you will
realize this truth, as if your life is being run by a computer program, and you have no control over it.

One of the most common habits in our program is
Rushing. This habit is the chief culprit and the root cause behind
most of the problems that we face in life. How can you be happy, peaceful and successful if you are rushing all the
time. Imagine what would happen if the Sun began to rush? Sunrise at 7 AM and Sunset at 9 AM, in just two hours
the day is over. What kind of life would there be on planet Earth without enough sunshine? Would we have enough
food supplies, would there be enough rain to fill the rivers and lakes, will we have enough drinking water? Likewise,
when we Rush, the scenario is no different, as we get deprived of many essential needs that form the basics for a
happy and successful life.

This first lesson is about habits as that is what we are, and
Rushing is our basic foundational habit.  Do you know
what happens when you
Rush? Our body reacts negatively and the heart begins to pump blood harder and faster. In
fact every single organ comes under undue pressure, which weakens our entire body over a prolonged period of
Rushing not only steals but kills our joy and peace, and destroys our lives by making us sick and dependent on
dangerous drugs and medications for survival, and sucks our energy like a vampire. And then what happens when
you have to take some real important decisions that may change the course of your life, or destroy something you
worked so hard for? You take the decision in a
Rush and then regret it for the rest of your life. And what about
relationships that took years to build? One single decision taken in a
Rush can cause havoc and destruction in the
lives of so many people connected to you, including your own.

How to get rid of

Why do we all work and earn money? Our basic need is food, without which we simply cannot survive. That means we
work so we can eat. But how much time are you spending on having your meals? I have observed people eating, and
the majority eat in a
Rush. Can you enjoy something if it is done in a rush? Imagine, you have gone to watch your
favourite movie in a theatre, and the guy behind the projector begins to play it in a rush, at a higher pace than
normal. The scenes begin to move faster, the words hardly audible, and the two hour movie is over in less than an
hour. Would there be any joy in watching such a film, and wouldn’t you complain about it?
Likewise, when you eat in a rush, is there any joy in it, and to whom would you complain?  Here you are the judge,
jury and victim. But, if you realize that eating is the most important factor of life as you would have no life without it,
wouldn’t you slow down your pace and start enjoying your meals? Or, in even more simpler words – start enjoying life

From today, arrange your time in such a way that you have enough time for each meal, around 20 to 30 minutes.
Every bite that you take you should chew about 25 to 35 times and count those numbers – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and so on.
An amazing thing will happen when you start counting; the focus of your Mind will shift from everything else that is
going on in your head, and suddenly you will begin to enjoy the real taste of the food that you are having. Avoid
talking while you eat, place your cell-phone on silent and do not sit in front of the TV set. There should be no
disturbance during this most important and enjoyable act of the day. In fact, eating should be just like praying. If you
pray on a regular basis, then you know what a prayer is and how it is done – In total silence and a focussed mind.
Time to eat is time to pray, and there is no bigger prayer than fully enjoying the meal that you are having. That
enjoyment becomes our thanksgiving to life and to the Creator of this beautiful Universe. In case you are having the
meal with friends or family, follow the formula of ‘Talk and Listen’. When you are eating listen to what the other
person says, and answer or say what you have to say when there is nothing left in your mouth.

Does this sound difficult or not practical? Initially it may, but think about it – if you are not enjoying the food that you
are eating, the food that you worked so hard for, then what is the point of all that hard work?

To become happy, peaceful and successful and thus create your Heaven on Earth, the most important thing is to get
away from the basic foundational habit –
Rushing. Eating food in the right manner and at the right pace will pave the
way to move forward, as everything else in life is deeply connected to the basic foundation. To change the rest is a
step by step process, but first, we need to set the foundation right.   

Bon ap-pe’-tit – Wishing you a very hearty and Heavenly appetite – Take your time to slow down and enjoy every
single meal that you have.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher             
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