Have you ever realized how important is the Present Moment?

In reality, the Present Moment is all there is,
All there ever was, And all there ever will be.
Without any doubt, the past is certainly dead,
And it will never return,
No matter how hard you try.
The future is like a dream,
Always uncertain and always un-seen.

Do you know the Greatest Law in the Universe?

I am sure you do know,
The Greatest Law in the Universe,
I have repeated it several times before.
Yes, it is the Law of Sow and Reap,
And in simple terms it means,
What you sow is precisely what you will reap.  
For example, the seeds of corn - will give you corn,
And the seeds of thorns - will give you thorns.

How to apply this Great Law to your Present Moment

Simply start enjoying your Present Moment,
And you will automatically begin to sow seeds of joy.
Does not matter what you may be doing,
Could be work, study, or a time of great struggle.
If you can enjoy what you are doing,
Not only will you sow seeds of joy,
Also the best will come out from every situation.
And one day you will reap the harvest of your seeds,
The seeds of joy will simply give joy in return.
Joy when your work performance or business improves,
Joy when you complete your studies with high grades,
And joy when you overcome your struggles and become victorious.  

Do you know the Greatest Present you can ever get?

The Present Moment is indeed your Greatest Present,
Because it is neither in the past, nor in the future.
It is right here - Right now,
But you cannot lay your hands on it,
Till you begin to enjoy that Moment.

So don't waste any more time,
As you now have the road-map to this Golden Treasure.
Go for it, in this very present moment,
And become a part of its every part by enjoying,
Your Moment to Moment, and Present to Present existence,
And become a Present to your self,
And a Present to the whole world.

Gurdip Hari,
Mind and Natural Health Teacher    
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