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How can you give your best to the world?

How can you give your best to the world
There is a very simple way:
By giving the best to your self first.

What did Jesus do?
Jesus came 2000 years ago and gave his best,
Through trials and tribulations he passed every test.
Showed us the unlimited possibilities of man,
That one can attain whatever he thinks he can.

Are there any limits?
There are absolutely no limits,
The only limit is you.
To follow the commandment of Love,
And love your neighbor,
You have to love your self first.
Love does exist in your heart,
But, under the shadows of
sickness, medicines, and cholesterol.

How can you give your best to the world?
There is indeed a very simple way,
In fact it is the only way.
By giving the very best to your self,
And turning healthy first.

Can any amount of wealth,
replace good health,
Can it ease the pain and discomfort?
Ask yourself, and perhaps the answer
will help you get on the road of good health.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher
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