Go Back to Nature & Heal your Self

The most powerful Medicine is to teach how to stay away from it. This is why,
‘Hippocrates – The Father of of Medicine’ rightly said: “Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food.”   

Join Gurdip Hari on a sensational journey, and ‘Go Back to Nature & heal your
‘Self’ in each and every aspect of life. To find ‘True Eternal Success’ in work and
relationships, you need to discover ‘Who you really are and how the body functions
internally’. This book will take you back in time to help connect  you to your
innermost core and see the magnificence of your real personality and the
supernatural powers that are an integral part of you.Your Health is your greatest
Wealth indeed, and the time has now arrived to reclaim it by getting rid of all the
obstacles that stand in-between you and your Dreams.  
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About the Author

Gurdip Hari is a man on a mission to help his fellow travelers on earth find true and eternal success in every area of
their lives. His last two books, ‘The Conscious, Un-Conscious & Super-Conscious Mind’ and ‘Mental, Physical &
Spiritual Health’ have sold over 100,000 copies, and helped to transform the lives of many. He rightly calls them – the
course-books on how to live life in abundance by understanding your real nature.

This new Book is a continuation of that ‘Journey of Discovery’ and heal your ‘Self’. He himself is an example and
picture of the words he pens. At age 62, he is like a young man with supernatural energy levels and amazingly
vibrant health. He never falls sick, as food is his medicine and medicine is his food. His Music station at: http://www.
Healthymindfm.com is a great motivational tool with heart-warming songs, while his fascinating website:
www.Humanityandlove.com continues to inspire people daily with over 30,000 visitors every month.  

He is available nationwide in USA/Canada/India/Ghana as a guest for speaking engagements, Radio and TV talk-
CONTACT: 1-562-261-4308, Email: Love@healthisultimatewealth.com

“Body and Mind Consciousness”

Any open minded and information seeking person will feel motivated to make the necessary life changes after reading
this book. It’s all about body and mind consciousness to put your life and health in order.

Dr. David Nortey - Physician & Head of Polyclinic, Korle Bu, Accra, Ghana

“Truly – An Eye-opener”

This Book is truly ‘An Eye-opener” to help you discover your true identity and heal the body you live in. Gurdip Hari
uses facts, eternal truths, and beautiful fables to bring the reality of our existence from darkness to light.  

Yanni Maniates – USA, Author of best-selling “Magical Keys to Self-Mastery”

“Absolutely Unique and Marvelous”

There are many books on health and healing, but this is absolutely unique and marvelous as Gurdip Hari shares his
personal journey to good health, depicting an interchange between ancient philosophy, reason and nature. Anyone
can benefit from his tried and tested ways of life.

Dr. Ram Chellaram, Houston, Texas, USA

“An Amazing Revelation”

This book is truly ‘An Amazing Revelation’ to direct us on to the path of attaining optimum health, vitality, and

success in life. It demonstrates the relentless research towards a healthy mind, spirit, and body the author has attained.

Dr. Jose Flores, Downey, CA, USA

“A Compelling Blueprint for Change”

If you want to know yourself, understand your journey and live life to the full, take time to read and practice the
thoughts and truths shared in this book by our friend, Gurdip Hari.

Albert & Comfort Ocran, Authors & Executive Coaches, Accra, Ghana
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Go Back to Nature & Heal your Self (Paperback) 201 pages