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Evaluate Your self

Have you ever considered evaluating your self?

Do it today - at the close of day  
Give your self 10 minutes before you head off to sleep.
Go through three major events of the day. The assignments you
handled, the people you met and family/personal affairs. See how
you handled each of them and evaluate your self. Did you do the
best in each situation, or could you have done better?

You cannot run away from the Truth and Reality  
The answers that come from within us are the Truth and Reality.
You can run from the world but not from your self. When you ask,
Did I do this in the best way that I could have, Was I polite and
truthful with the people I met, Did I spend enough time with my
spouse, friends, or children? The answers that you get will be the
True Reality.

Tomorrow is Another Day  
If the answers are that you were not up to the mark, that you could
have done better, no need to worry or feel sorry or sad. Our
journey on Earth is all about perfecting ourselves. If today we did
not do the best that we could have, tomorrow is another day. But
that is only possible, if we evaluate ourselves today.

So make this a daily ritual - Give your self 10 minutes at the end of
the day - And evaluate your self every single day.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher
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