Drink Green Tea

is now a proven scientific fact; Green tea's natural active ingredients enhance human health, increase
longevity, aid in weight loss with increased metabolism and caloric burn. The difference between green and
regular tea is the way their leaves are processed. In case of green tea, the leaves are steamed and dried
which preserves the antioxidant compounds. These antioxidants help protect the heart by lowering cholesterol
and guarding against cancer by eliminating free radicals that can damage our cells. Free radicals are highly
reactive molecules that can damage the body at the cellular level, thus increasing the risk of cancer, heart
disease, and many other degenerative diseases.

If you are hooked on to having coffee in the morning and during the day for an energy boost, it is now time to
make the change to green tea. According to Newton's law, forces are always produced in pairs with opposite
directions and equal magnitudes. This very law applies to coffee, soda, and other energy drinks. The force of
energy derived from them gives a great boost initially, but soon you come down crashing with the same
magnitude. It is common for people who drink coffee and soda drinks to feel low and stressed out at the end
of the day. And then what do they do? Have another cup of coffee or a soda? Green tea has one third the
amount of caffeine compared to coffee, so it gives a natural energy boost and builds your immune system to
stay energetic all the time.

So whenever you have an urge to drink coffee or a soda, take the healthy alternative and go for Green Tea.
You will be surprised the way your health and energy levels will skyrocket.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher    
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