The Conscious, Unconscious & Super-Conscious Mind

The human mind has baffled historians, psychologists, and philosophers from time
immemorial. Whether throughout diverse cultures or a family living under the same
roof, one fact remains: No two minds are alike.

Join Gurdip Hari as he takes us on a journey through The Conscious, Unconscious
and Super-Conscious Mind and leads us to our destination: super-consciousness.
He takes us through the process of healing and understanding the inner child and
explains why ego is our major obstacle. He shows us how to live in the present, our
most precious moment, and provides a deep insight into Religion, Love, and
Marriage. Most important, he explains the role of meditation in accomplishing our
goals and leading us to the super-conscious state, which, as he says, is our
The Conscious Unconscious & Super-Conscious Mind 142 pages
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About the Author

Gurdip Hari is fast becoming America's new voice on Mind and Natural Health. His last book, 'The Conscious,
Unconscious & Super-Conscious Mind is gradually finding its way in the hearts and minds of many people with
000 copies sold and has been recently published in Spanish. His personal mission has been to help increase
awareness of how important it is to be healthy to succeed in every area of your life. He says, ''Health is our biggest
Wealth and is the beginning and end of that road which leads to success, happiness and peace on earth.''

Gurdip is a dynamic inspirational speaker and many clubs and organizations look forward to his presentations, and it
is his dream to build Educational institutes in Africa to provide Creative education to children. His fascinating website,
inspires thousands with over 30,000 visitors every month.

He is available
in USA/Canada/India/Ghana as a guest for speaking engagements, Radio and TV talk-shows.   
1-562-261-4308, Email: Love
The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-Conscious Mind is an amazing book. It has made me more conscious in my daily life and
interactions with others, and I have learned a step by step approach to reach into my inner world. I now feel much more happier and relaxed in
my day to day activities, and am learning to live and enjoy the present moment, in today’s modern practical world. This is not just a book, but a
way to live life, and I would recommend every seeker of the truth, every person who wants to be happy, content and be in bliss, to read this life-
changing book. It has already changed mine…
Joseph Y. Wang
President (04-05), Rotary Club of Lynwood, CA, USA

2. In a joyful celebration of human life, Gurdip takes the reader on a voyage of the mind, culminating in a magical, present moment scenario.
His book shows us how the power for all of our dreams is but a breath away.
Terri Marie

3. On the long Thanksgiving Day weekend, I had the chance to crack this book. Hari writes about basic, universal truths in simple, reassuring
terms, all of which are unrelentingly positive. He uses thoughtful, concrete examples to help the reader to increase self awareness and the
underlying causes of one's own thoughts and behaviors. His words are both profound and widely applicable. The book will be be a part of our
library collection and I trust that many others will find the non-sectarian spiritual guide as practical and inspiring as I did. Some of them may
even feel that the book was meant for them as well, and remember their acquaintance with the thoughts and words or Hari after those of others
have faded away.
Steve Fjeldsted
Nevada County Librarian

4. Your books need to be in every household in America.  Your philosophies are inspirational and soothing to me. Thank you for being
generous with your spirit.
Kim Kascht
Tempe, Arizona

5. The Conscious, Unconscious, & Super-Conscious Mind is a unique & revolutionary book.  It is a book which says it all, and it's simplicity of
style in dealing with the mysteries of life will free you from any bondage that has been roped around through society and cultural upbringing. I
use the book as a handbook in my daily life, it  has made me more conscious and a happier person, and now I fully enjoy everything that I do
on a day to day basis.
Betty Tegene
Accra, Ghana

6. Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (3/06)
Gurdip Hari, in the beginning of his book, explains in understandable terms the conscious, unconscious, and the super-conscious aspect of the
mind. He iterates that only 10 percent of the mind is conscious, that the remaining 90 percent is unconscious. Hari, in simple terms, explains
that the conscious mind is our truth, while the unconscious mind is the part that is unaware, yet is detected and understood through dreams,
behavior, or hypnosis – either while asleep or in a trance.

Hari makes clear that our growth is governed by a cycle of number seven, first being our seven bodies: Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental,
Spiritual, Cosmic, and Nirvanic. Second being the body is governed by the seven Chakras: Root, Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye,
and Crown. He also explains that in the first seven years of life, the Physical body and the unconscious mind are developed when the Root
Chakra is activated. The cycle continues as each Chakra is activated, and the body developed, until the age forty-nine.

During the first seven years of development, Hari details not only do the parents play a role in conditioning the child’s unconscious mind with
personal beliefs, but also with their fears and insecurities. This conditioning continues to rule the person until they make a conscious effort to
change the ingrained belief system and transition into sustaining the super-conscious mind, commonly known as enlightenment.

Hari takes the reader on a step-by-step understanding that before transitioning into super-consciousness one must first heal the inner child,
the unconscious mind, where all the hurts, anger, unfulfilled desires, and fears reside. Until these aspects are healed one is prevented from
rising to a higher consciousness. In the latter part of the book, Hari explains methods to attain super-consciousness.

“The Conscious, Unconscious, & Super-Conscious Mind” is well put together giving an understanding for someone embarking on a spiritual
path. Writing in simple terms, Hari gives the impression that attaining super-consciousness is possible for anyone that desires to do so

7. A wonderful book which guides you through the maze of life and living. Gurdip Hari has shared some great information that will help the
reader understand more fully the magic and the mysteries of the mind and spirit.
John Harricharan, award-winning author of 'When You can Walk on Water, Take the Boat'
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