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Believe in what you are
Remember, it all begins from you - And it all ends with you.
You are God's greatest creation and there is simply nothing
in this world that you cannot do. You are exclusively unique
and just one of a kind. In fact, the truth is, the universe
cannot function without you, without your energy, and
without your talent.

Believe in what you are
The biggest truth you will ever realize (and one day you will)
is that you are what you believe you are. The image in the
mirror that you see cannot be different from your real
personality. A mirror will truthfully reflect the image of a lion
as a lion and that of a cat as a cat.

Change your image
Change your image and the reflection will automatically change.
Stop blaming people and circumstances for your current state
of affairs. It's all about the image you hold in your perception.
If you begin to believe that you are a lion, then that's what you
will be - A lion in your own right - The King of your very own
inner jungle. Then you roam free and are not bound by any
kind of rules or circumstances. Rather you create your own
circumstances and shape up your life as and how you wish it to
be - One day at a time.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher
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