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Our Real Assets

Definitely, Not money or gold,
Neither shares in stock markets,
Or values of our homes.
Because, all these will come to pass,
As they are temporary,
Not made to last.
Today they belong to you,
Tomorrow to someone else,
Owners will keep on changing,
As the clock moves,
From one to twelve.
What do we bring,
When we come down on planet Earth,
And not only leave behind,
But also take along?
Love and Knowledge,
Are the two heavenly virtues,
That not only guide but provide,
All that you may ever need.
The more you can generate,
During your journey on Earth,
The wealthier you will be.
These are the two things,
That will never come to pass.
They multiply and grow with sharing,
And are made to last.
So forget the rest,
Work on these real assets,
'Love and Knowledge'
And the more you acquire,
The more you will get.

Gurdip Hari,
Mind & Natural Health Teacher
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