Are you Ready

To begin your journey towards creating your very own Heaven - Right here on Earth?

Yes, your Heaven is here, and definitely not in some far away distant place. Imagine a scenario - imagine that you
never fall sick, imagine that you do not need to take any drugs or medications, imagine that you are highly energised
and in top spirits all the time, imagine that getting old is a thing of the past and you keep getting younger every year.
Imagine, whatever project or mission you undertake becomes a success story.

If you are able to imagine such a scenario - what possible name would you give it? Think about it - should not be a
difficult thing to do. What about 'Heaven' - such a scenario could only possibly exist in Heaven.

And now let’s look at the opposite side. This is the scenario you find yourself in most of the time, so you don’t even
have to use any of your imagination to imagine. You fall sick from time to time, suffer from various health issues and
are dependent upon drugs and medications for survival, your energy levels are mostly on the lower side and you are
in low spirits most of the time (except when you get a boost from alcohol or anger). You keep ageing every year, and
to look or feel young is a thing of the past. You have problems with most of your projects or missions, and often feel
that people or some un-known forces are trying to sabotage your personal advancement.

What possible name can you give to such a scenario?
Think about it – should not be a difficult thing to do. What about ‘Hell’ – such a scenario could only possibly exist in

Every single morning a new day begins. In fact, if you wake up and are still breathing, I would say a new life begins.
Life on planet Earth is deeply bound by the law of opposites, and every day you will find yourself standing in-
between: Good - Bad, Success - Failure, Happiness - Sadness, and Heaven – Hell. You always are and will always be
in the middle of these opposites, and it is your personal choice which direction you take. And every single morning
you have that choice – Either move toward Success or Failure, Happiness or Sadness, Heaven or Hell.

Agreed, no one wants to move toward Failure, Sadness or Hell, but the majority do.
Why? Because, every one wants quick results – so they take short-cuts. It takes nine months for a human being to
be born and become visible to the world. Likewise, whatever you wish to accomplish in life, there is a minimum nine
month period involved for it to become visible to you or to the world. And after that is it a process no different from
the growing up of a child, step by step, year by year, until you become a fully grown man or woman.

Please allow me to be your Guide to direct you on a journey that will open the gates of your personal Heaven right
here on Earth. My directions will be simple and easy to follow, but please don’t go by the simplicity. Much too often
people miss the simple things in life, as they seem to be much too simple. To be happy, peaceful and successful – all
you need is a simple effort. And a simple effort is just an effort – not a short-cut.

So are you Ready to make a simple effort that will change your life forever?
Then look for further directions in Lesson number one.

Gurdip Hari,
Mind and Natural Health Teacher    
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