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After Effects of Trusting yourself

Last we talked about ‘What is Trust’, and how important it is to place your Trust in nobody else, but in
yourself. If you have already begun that process, you are on the way to knowing yourself in a much better
way and get a glimpse of the amazing powers of creation that are lying asleep inside you. But, be prepared
for the following After-Effects of Trusting yourself.

After-Effect Number One

Once you start Trusting yourself and something goes wrong, you can no longer place the blame on some-
one else. Neither can you hold the Creator responsible, nor your family, friends, boss, or co-workers.
Rather, you will have to carefully look within yourself and all the associated factors, to ascertain why it
happened that way, and why you failed. For example, if someone took you for a ride or cheated you, was it
not your fault that you were not careful enough? Did you or did you not weigh all the pros and cons before
you went into a particular agreement, or signed a certain document without properly understanding all the
terms and conditions? And when you will look deep within you will find that it was not as if the other person
was smarter than you, the only problem was that you were less smart. After this realization what would be
the next obvious step - You will simply be more careful in future, more smarter in future.

After-Effect Number Two

Majority of Mankind today have serious health problems. And what is the main reason? They, who have
these problems, have placed their Trust in the hands of their Doctors. Whatever the Doctor tells them about
their ailments, whatever drugs and dangerous medications that are given as treatment, they accept them.
Why? Simply because they Trust their Doctor. When you start Trusting yourself, the obvious After-Effect will
be that you will stop Trusting your Doctor. Our bodies speak to us all the time, all we need to do is to listen.
And only when you listen, can you hear the body speak, and tell you that it is capable of fixing every single
problem that it encounters, as it has an in-built system known as the Healing Mechanism. The only single
thing the Body needs from you is 'Trust and Support'.

After-Effect Number Three

Once you begin to Trust that your Body is capable of fixing every single problem that it encounters, you will
begin to look for ways to give that Support it is asking for. Once you start Trusting yourself, you will
gradually begin to realize who you are, and you will also realize that your Body is simply a vehicle to
transport you around during your journey on planet Earth. In fact you are not this Body, but rather you are
someone inside this Body. With this realization it will become easy to give that Support which the Body
needs, which is quite similar to the guidelines that a Vehicle Manufacturer provides to its customers -
Regular maintenance, daily and periodic checks, the right type of fuel and lubricants, proper tyre
pressures, and a number of vital driving tips.

If your Body is indeed like a vehicle, are you not the driver?
Are you driving well, are you taking care of your vehicle - Give it a serious thought.

Gurdip Hari
Mind and Natural Health Teacher  
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